Who is Nelson Piquet and What Has He Done?

Nelson Piquet is a Brazilian retired racing driver and businessman. Since his retirement, Piquet, a three-time World Champion, has been ranked among the greatest Formula One (F1) drivers in various motorsport polls.

Piquet’s performance in 1982 was negatively impacted by significant engine unreliability; nonetheless, he experienced a comeback in 1983 and won his second world title.

Nelson Piquet
Nelson Piquet

Piquet had another missed opportunity to win the championship during the 1984–1985 season, but he did manage to earn three victories during that time span.

In 1986, he made the switch to the Williams team and became a title candidate right up until the final race, which took place in Australia.

Piquet won his third and last title in 1987, in the midst of a fierce struggle with his teammate Nigel Mansell, which ultimately resulted in a strained relationship between the two drivers.

After that, Piquet went to Lotus for the 1988–1989 season, which is when he endured his third decline in performance. After some time, he joined the Benetton team for the 1990–1991 season. While there, he was successful enough to win three races before calling it quits.

After Piquet’s career in Formula One came to an end, he participated in the Indianapolis 500 for a period of two years. In addition, he tried his hand at racing sports cars at a few different occasions both during and after his tenure in Formula One.

Piquet is currently retired but still actively manages a number of enterprises in Brazil. In addition to that, he is the manager of his sons Nelson Piquet Jr. and Pedro Piquet, both of whom are professional race car drivers.


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