Who is the Real Person Behind Inventing Anna?

The Real person behind the Inventing Anna story is Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin). It’s about her mischievous lifestyle on the streets of New York.

The narrative of Sorokin was portrayed in Shonda Rhimes’s Netflix series Inventing Anna, which was based on Jessica Pressler’s New York magazine exposé about Delvey.

The Real Person Anna (Sorokin) when she was 16 years old, he left Russia and came to Germany. Her father informed New York that she had no trust fund. Her private club endeavor was put on hold after Sorokin’s loan application was turned down by the New York City Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).

Fake paperwork were sent to numerous institutions in order to acquire a loan for her. According to prosecutors, Sorokin got a City National Bank employee to assist her in withdrawing $100,000.

Fortress Investment Group had agreed to provide a $22 million loan, so the money would be utilized as a down payment.

This was a point in Sorokin’s life when he was racking up debt across New York City. Months of luxury hotel stays and pricey meals in Manhattan’s finest restaurants were part of her itinerary while she was on the road.

Friends reported that she paid for nearly everything in cash, which led nearly everyone in her social circle to believe she was the heir apparent to some family fortune.


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