Truss, who had only been in office for 44 days, announced her resignation on Thursday. After a disastrous “mini-budget” on September 23 that frightened markets, spiked borrowing rates, and crashed the British pound, she soon lost favor with fellow Conservatives and the general public.

Truss replaced her finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng with Jeremy Hunt after the scandal, but that wasn’t enough to save her political career.

Truss will continue to serve in her current role until a new leader for the Conservative Party is chosen following a battle for the position, which is scheduled to come to a close on October 28.

Truss’s tenure was so brief, in fact, that it earned her the dubious distinction of becoming the Prime Minister of Britain with the shortest cumulative time in office. George Canning, who was in office about 200 years ago, held the previous record.

However, his time in the office was cut short because he was sick. Some say he died of tuberculosis or pneumonia.

Who is The Shortest Serving Prime Minister in UK History?

Liz Truss, who declared her intention to step down 45 days into her term amid the October 2022 United Kingdom government crisis, is anticipated to hold the record for the shortest-serving prime minister.


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