Easter is here with us again and as it looks and feels like, the question about what really Easter is and its significance will pop up in the minds of those who really want to secure and appreciate the relevance of the celebration. Easter is a celebration used to commemorate the Crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But the hovering question still lingers. Why Easter.

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Easter as indicated early is a celebration done by Christians. It is a holiday that represents the great fulfillment of what the old testament biblical revelation outlined through some prophets of God in the form of prophecies.

Aside from that, it forms a commemorative part of the fact that Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice to humankind to atone for our sins. It’s a celebration of the defeat of death a sin trigger and the hope of Salvation.

Another thing that comes to mind when we talk about Easter is the time we celebrate Easter. Fixing a particular date to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ seems controversial sometimes. In ancient times it was usually observed during the Passover period. In modern times it is usually celebrated in April.

Easter in Africa
Easter in Africa

How is Easter Celebrated?

How do people take the celebration of Easter? As stated earlier, Easter is celebrated among Christians worldwide. People organize church services in the form of conventions, and so on. People in other countries or communities celebrate it by giving gifts, some enjoy it with their families. Friends and family come together sometimes to celebrate with food and drinks. Some go on trips and vacations, whiles some visit places of relaxation and so on.


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