World War III: Who Is The Ghost Of Kyiv?

Named after a Ukrainian MIG-29 pilot who is said to have shot down six Russian planes on the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the name is gaining traction on social media.

It looks that a MIG-29, or Fulcrum, is shown flying over concrete tower blocks and grey sky in many of the Ghost of Kyiv postings, although it is only a short clip that occurs in many of them.

Who is the Ghost of Kyiv?

The pilot’s true identity is unclear at this time. However, footage of him in action has been extensively shared on social media, and it’s certainly something to see.

Unconfirmed sources claim that his MiG-29 fighter plane has killed six Russian adversary aircraft. In the air force, a “fighter ace” is a pilot who has shot down at least six enemy planes.

The Ghost of Kyiv, whoever he may be, is thought to be Europe’s first ace pilot since World War 2.


The Ghost of Kyiv, according to one widely circulated post, has shot down two SU-35s, one SU-27, one MIG-29, and two SU-25s.

Is the Ghost of Kyiv real?

A verified post on Twitter is asking the media to verify the existing report circulating whether the “Ghost of Kyiv” is not just a rumor

“I’m begging major media to report on whether “The Ghost of Kyiv” really exists—as if it’s true that today a heroic Ukrainian fighter pilot single-handedly downed *6* Russian jets, this flying ace immediately becomes a stirring symbol of Ukraine’s resistance to Putin’s war crimes.”


The pilot has been widely praised on social media, and he even has his own spoof Twitter account. One of many videos of the pilot in action may be found here. Although others contend that the footage is outdated, he is clearly visible in it.


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