Did Russia own Ukraine?

Russia used to own Ukraine but not anymore.

Ukraine used to be part of the Russian Empire. Ukrainians (and Belarusians) were referred to as “Little Russians” by the Russian Empire, which regarded them to be Russian ethnicity.

Ukraine gained full independence from the Russian Republic on 22 January 1918, as the Ukrainian People’s Republic, which lasted from 1917 to 1922, following the Soviet military incursion of the beginning of 1918.

A few Ukrainian nationalists were the only ones who were hostile to this idea prior to the end of the First World War. In spite of this, a perceived threat of “Ukrainian independence” put in motion a series of steps intended to ratify the “Little Russians”.

In 1804, the Ukrainian language was prohibited from being taught in schools. A ban on the production and importation of most Ukrainian language books, public performances, and lectures, as well as the printing of Ukrainian texts accompanying musical scores, was enacted by Alexander II’s secretary Ems Ukaz in 1876.

Ukraine and Russia signed separate Brest-Litovsk treaties with the Central Powers to end their armed battle, and peace discussions began the same year they were signed.

This conflict became a major battleground for the Ukrainian War of Independence, which was also a major battleground for the Russian Civil War.

Russian and Ukrainian soldiers served in practically every army because of their political views.

When the Soviet Union was founded in 1922, Ukraine and Russia signed the treaty that put an end to the union in December of that year.

How big is Russian?

Located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, Russia is known as the Russian Federation. It occupies one-eighth of the planet’s livable landmass and is the world’s largest country in terms of land area covering over 17.13 million km²



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