Member States in three WHO zones that are not endemic to monkeypox virus. Although epidemiological investigations are ongoing, there are no confirmed travel linkages between reported cases and endemic areas.

According to current evidence, incidents have been detected primarily, but not solely, among men who have sex with men (MSM) seeking care in primary care and sexual health clinics.


The goal of this Disease Outbreak News is to increase awareness, provide technical assistance for immediate recommended actions, and inform readiness and response efforts.

As surveillance in non-endemic countries expands, WHO expects to see more instances of monkeypox.

To stop the spread of monkeypox, immediate efforts include providing accurate information to individuals who may be most at risk.

According to current evidence, those who have had close personal contact with someone who has monkeypox while they are symptomatic are the ones who are most at risk.

WHO is also developing advice to protect frontline health care providers and other vulnerable health workers, such as cleaners. In the coming days, the WHO will issue more technical advice.

As of 13:00 on May 21st, WHO had received reports of 92 laboratory confirmed cases of monkeypox and 28 suspected cases of monkeypox with investigations underway from 12 non-endemic Member States spread across three WHO regions.

There have been no documented deaths as a result of this.

Full List Of Countries With Monkeypox Virus


Country Confirmed cases
United Kingdom 56
Spain 41
Portugal 37
Canada 5
Italy 4
Belgium 3
Germany 3
Australia 2
Netherlands 2
United States 2
Austria 1
Denmark 1
France 1
Israel 1
Sweden 1
Switzerland 1

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