Juan Soto vs Albert Pujols: How the Home Run Derby Ended

Juan Soto won the 2022 Home, Run Derby, for the first time after claiming victory in the championship game against Albert Pujols by a score of 19-18.

The previous player in Washington Nationals history to win a Home Run Derby was Bryce Harper in 2018 when the competition was held at Nationals Park. Soto is the second player in franchise history to do it, following in Harper’s footsteps.

Juan Soto
Juan Soto

The championship round was the first time in the history of the Home Run Derby when a matchup between two players aged 23 or younger took place, and the winner was the older of the two, a player named Soto who was 23 years old.

During the home run derby, Soto hit a total of 53 home runs, with his best individual round coming in the championship game.

The average distance of his home runs during the game was 427 yards, while the average speed of his exit from the ballpark was 106.5 miles per hour.

The home run hit by Soto was the longest of the night, measuring in at 482 feet. Overall, he was responsible for more than 4.3 miles worth of home runs.

Over the course of his career, J.Rod hit more than 6.4 miles of home runs, with each one traveling an average of 414 feet. After two consecutive rounds with more than 30 home runs, it was unfortunate for him that his lowest performance of the night occurred in the championship round.


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