Martin von Haselberg is the husband of American actress Bette Midler. When they did finally meet, it was in 1984.

Despite the fact that they had only started getting to know each other, the couple went to the Starlight Chapel in Las Vegas and eloped on December 16, which was six weeks later.

Martin von Haselberg
Martin von Haselberg

An Elvis impersonator, who also served in the role of an officiant for the wedding, was one of the people who saw the couple exchange their vows.

Bette and Martin’s wedding was just the beginning of their lives together as a married couple, despite the speed with which they were able to get married.

On November 14, 1986, the Oscar nominee gave birth to the couple’s sole daughter, Sophie. This occurred two years after the couple tied the knot.

Bette and Martin did have their struggles, even though they had a deep love for their child. This does not mean, however, that they were perfect parents.

Martin von Haselberg TV shows: Cinemax Comedy Experiment

Martin von Haselberg starred in a TV show called Cinemax Comedy Experiment. The TV show is an anthology series broadcast on Cinemax throughout the mid-to-late 1980s. Every episode was written and directed by a different standup comedian.

The comedians that appeared on the show were given complete artistic license in the production of their episodes, and the executives at Cinemax gave very few, if any, notes on anything that was presented other than the need to stay inside the allotted time frame.


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