Canadian businessman cum politician Doug Ford has been re-elected as premier of Ontario with a majority government, according to a report by CTV News.

A short time after CTV News announced that the Progressive Conservative leader had won the 2022 election, polls closed across Ontario.

Doug Ford
Doug Ford

As a leading candidate in practically every poll, Ford has been the frontrunner for the race for months. After eight years as a Toronto city councilor, the 57-year-old entered provincial politics in 2018.

Kathleen Wynne was ousted from power in Ontario after 15 years by Doug Ford in his first election. When it comes to public service, Ford tends to portray himself as a businessman and builder rather than a political figure.

That pledge was made in 2018 when, as leader of the province, he promised “economic growth and prosperity” for the people of Ontario under his leadership.

In addition to new hospitals and long-term care facilities, he worked on the construction of new highways 413 and the Bradford Bypass. By portraying himself as accessible and empathetic of the plights of working-class people, Ford has been successful.

Affordability was the theme of his early promises, including the $120-a-year license plate renewal rebate and six-month petrol and fuel tax decrease pledges that were supposed to put money back into the pockets of Ontarians.

Numerous high-profile endorsements from municipal and labor leaders came his way as a result of his campaign.

Congratulation to him!


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