Ryan Reynolds Wife: Is Ryan Reynolds Married? Are Blake and Ryan Together?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold

Is Ryan Reynolds Married?

Ryan Reynolds is married to Blake Lively. They have been together since 2012 and they have 4 kids together.

Are Blake and Ryan Together?

Blake and Reynolds are still going strong in their relationship.

We adore watching Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tease one other constantly on social media and support each other’s different ventures on the red carpet they’re now one of Hollywood’s most beloved power couples.

Lively and Reynolds attend Comic-Con in July 2010 to promote their picture Green Lantern. But they weren’t yet a couple: he was married to Scarlett Johansson, and she was seeing Penn Badgley, her Gossip Girl co-star.

Reynolds spills the beans on the key to his nine-year marriage to Lively. He told ET Online, “We don’t take each other too seriously, but we are friends.”

“It’s wonderful that you’ve fallen in love, but do you like each other?” That’s the sort of thing you have to ask yourself before you start. We’ve always had a good thing going.

We advance as a group. We all benefit from one another’s experiences. So sure, I’m fortunate to have a companion in that.”

This year will mark the 11th  anniversary since the power couple have been together.

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