Who is Chris Wallace’s ex-wife Elizabeth Jane Farrell?

Elizabeth Jane Farrell is the daughter of John E. Farrell, a Rumford and Narragansett citizen. Ms Farell was the director of federal funds for the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

In 1973, Chris Wallace married Elizabeth Farrell, and the couple had four children: Peter, Megan, Andrew, and Catherine.

For more than two decades, Wallace was married to Elizabeth Jane Farrell. Farrell was by his side when he made the shift from local to the network news in the 1970s.

They had two sons and two daughters together until their marriage ended in 1994. When he met Farrell in 1979, he realised that she was the more financially successful of the two.

Farrell was earning more money than he was at the time, he told the magazine.

According to minutes from a meeting on March 19, 1970, Farrell’s title at the Boston Redevelopment Authority was “Technician I.”

Farrell was eventually moved to the agency’s director of federal financing. Farrell left his job to care for his children in their comfortable two-story home.

The property is still owned by Farrell. “Elizabeth J Farrell & Elizabeth Jane Farrell Revocable Trust, is named as the owner.

Since divorcing Wallace, Farrell has stayed out of the spotlight. It’s unknown if she remarried.

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