The price of a hot dog at the super bowl is not always constant. The price sometimes depends on the joint/stand. But the price of a hot dog is always cheaper, compared to a basic Reuben sandwich and roasted turkey sandwich.

The most costly element of attending a Super Bowl is undoubtedly purchasing a ticket, but even after that, things aren’t going to get much cheaper, and that’s because practically everything about the game, including concessions, is pricey.

Anyone arriving hungry at SoFi Stadium for the game is likely to spend more than $100, as the food and drink costs during Super Bowl are exorbitant.

First, let’s talk about the food. A basic Reuben sandwich can set you back $18, according to the menu. If you want to save money, a roasted turkey sandwich, which costs about $15, is a good option. If you don’t want to spend more than $10 on food, you can always grab a hot dog, which is only $8 and a bargain compared to Super Bowl rates.

If you could find one of the four fan-friendly vendors in the stadium, the offer for a hot dog was even better. For $5, you could purchase a hot dog, nachos, or ordinary cola at those locations. Hummus is also available for those who like a nutritious snack.


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