One of the most anticipated games of the year for football enthusiasts is the Super Bowl.

It pits two of the NFL’s greatest teams against one other in a battle for the crown.

New advertising is shown during the Super Bowl, and big performers perform during the halftime show.

Tickets are often substantially more expensive than regular-season games because of the magnitude of the game.

Flashback On Super Bowl LV Tickets

The ticket prices for Super Bowl LV are expected to be the highest in the past decade. The fact that attendance is limited is one of the main reasons why Super Bowl tickets are so pricey.

Only 1,000 tickets for Super Bowl LV were available for buy as of February 4, 2021. The average ticket price for Super Bowl LV is $7,589, up to $1,179 from the previous year. Previously, teams competing in the Super Bowl were given 35 percent of the Super Bowl tickets to offer to friends and family.

Throughout the season, we’ve seen cardboard cutouts of supporters in every professional sport. The NFL sold cardboard cutouts of fans for Super Bowl LV for $100 plus tax, which is far less than a ticket, and if fans wish to locate themselves on the cardboard cutout, the NFL provided an app that directed them to their cutout.

At $3,910 per ticket, Stubhub offered the cheapest Super Bowl LV ticket. The top deck of Raymond James Stadium is where these tickets were situated. On Stubhub, the most expensive ticket is slightly north of $14,500 as of Sunday. This is a significant decrease, especially considering that the most expensive ticket on Stubhub was formerly $217,120.

The supply of tickets for Super Bowl LV has caused a price increase. Only 22,000 people were expected to attend Super Bowl LV. With 7,500 tickets donated to a good cause, just 14,500 seats were available for purchase.


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